Enter the Battlefield!

Find your clan, survive large scale open world PVP and arenas, hunt down bosses and fight your way to the top in this group oriented MMORPG.

Hordes.io is a free to play 3D Multiplayer Browsergame in Open Beta.

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Patch 0.26.3360 — Jan 13, 2020


  • New skill: Temper - You slow down for 2 seconds. Then, if you are incapacitated: all control impairing effects are removed, your Charge cooldown is reset and you gain 20 Movement Speed for 3 seconds
  • Centrifugal Laceration: Now stacks up to 3 times
  • Colossal Reconstruction: Increased healing amount from 7+L8 -> 7+L14
  • Bulwark: Lowered cooldown from 35s -> 30s, increased duration from 8 -> 9s, raised MP cost by 3 flat
  • Charge: You can now charge towards any target, including friendly players and NPCs
  • Crescent Strike: Changed MP cost from 1+L3 -> 2+L2


  • Fixed a teleport rubberbanding bug


  • Dash: can no longer be used while being rooted (Chilling Radiance)


  • Summon: Increased cast time 4s -> 5s
  • Spirit Animal: Now also removes Poison Arrow debuff


  • Block rework: No longer negates 100% damage and all status effects. Instead, 80% damage is negated. Blocked attacks cant crit or daze
  • Blocked attack combat text will now be displayed with a shield icon
  • Stamina: Now grants 3 -> 4 HP per point
  • Faivel: Added Lv. 42 Golem Boss towards VG side
  • Faivel: Added Monster spawns to quarry
  • Faivel: Removed skills from certain monster groups such as TP spiders
  • Guardstone: Added Warden protecting the Merchant side in the BL base
  • Added latency, fps and net traffic bandwidth display (can be enabled in Interface settings)
  • Net code updates for more accurate client positioning, fixing various combat issues
  • Improved skill queue duration from 0.5s -> 1.0s
  • Improved precision with which player rotation is sent to server
  • Maximum health is no longer rounded in unit frames when > 1000 HP
  • Leveled up our marketing plans and added instagram social button

Patch 0.26.3331 — Jan 6, 2020


  • Summon: The casters PVP hostility range increases by 5 levels while the cast is active


  • Change EXP requirements to ease the 25-40 leveling phase
  • Changed PVP hostility to a fixed +- 5 level range
  • Added ability for some spells to increase your PVP hostility range temporarily (Summon)
  • Reduced fame loss on death from 7%+10 -> 5%+10
  • Removed EXP loss on death
  • Added skill bar setting for up to 24 slots
  • Improved / smoothed behavior of camera during CC effects / skills that affect your rotation or movement
  • Improvements to net code and movement behavior (experimental)
  • Improved visibility of the target you are currently hovering with your mouse
  • Improved visibility of target ground ring
  • Added white outline to currently selected target nameplate
  • Added sound for targeting
  • Added sound for un-targeting
  • Added sound for gaining fame
  • Added sound for receiving a whisper
  • Numbers on the EXP bar are now formatted
  • Removed various problematic steps in the tutorial
  • Added tutorial step for when players reach Lv. 25
  • Fixed bug preventing you from changing targets while queueing a skill on CD

Patch 0.26.3301 — Jan 3, 2020


  • Summon: new casting sound, new particle effects, new skill color
  • Summon: after accepting a summon, members receive a buff: Recall Shift - a short movement boost to promote interesting PVP charge attacks
  • Summon: no longer summons member closer than 12m to the caster


  • New default skill: Conjurers Recall - teleports you to the nearest conjurer. cant be used in combat, has a casting time and a cooldown
  • Conjurers Recall: Also applies Recall Shift
  • Removed /die
  • Stationary targets (Warden, King) no longer collide with static targets (Dummy, Trader, Merchant, etc.)
  • Fixed bug resulting in the incorrect distribution of items, exp, fame, and gold upon killing a target
  • Monsters now correctly reset their share table once they have no target to aggro
  • Faivel: Fixed many holes and generally problematic spots causing players to get stuck
  • Faivel: Fixed the colliders of statues
  • Faivel: Fixed the colliders of pine trees
  • Faivel: Added a backdoor-escape route to the new 43 spawn on the VG side
  • Faivel: Added additional warden to the VG base
  • Faivel: Added additional level 43 monsters to the VG side of the rotten castle area
  • Wardens now have the ability to use Bulwark by default
  • Bugfixes and optimizations in regards to item database logic
  • Increased bitrate of sound effects

Patch 0.26.3237 — Dec 21, 2019


  • Dash: While the dash buff is active, archers gain 30 move speed
  • Poison Arrows: Reduced the movement slowing effect from 50% -> 30%
  • Fixed a bug causing Serpent Arrows to damage a single target multiple times


  • Removed the fame factor that increased the max level for PVP cap
  • Improved party pick queue messages
  • Runes will now also be pick-queued in parties
  • Improved item picking range for players by ~25%
  • Increase the party picking queue time by ~20%
  • Reduced fame lost on PVP kill from 1% -> 0.7%
  • Reduced gold lost on PVP kill from 7% -> 5%
  • Improved item find impact on gold amount by 20%
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the wrong target being selected on the client
  • Fixed a bug resulting in available skill point display not updating