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Find your clan, survive large scale open world PVP and arenas, hunt down bosses and fight your way to the top in this group oriented MMORPG.

Hordes.io is a free to play 3D Multiplayer Browsergame in Open Beta.

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Update 0.41.5347 — Jan 6, 2022

Minimap Updates and minor balancing.


  • Updated all world minimaps to reflect the current state, increasing their quality and resolution
  • Minimap can now be zoomed in and out with the mouse scrollwheel
  • Added minimaps for all arenas
  • Improved smoothness of minimap when moving
  • Gloomfury: Now does the same amount of melee damage regardless of level (roughly equal to previous level 6)
  • Gloomfury: Increased max pierce stacks for warriors from 20 to 25, increased melee damage increase from 15% to 20% per stack
  • Gloomfury: Raised mitigation performance to 900

Update 0.41.5326 — Jan 1, 2022

Gloomfury and Obelisk balance / system improvements.


  • Increased the maximum stack count of Obelisk's blessing from 5 to 8
  • Obelisks can now be captured after 80 seconds (previously 120 seconds)
  • Obelisks will now always be captured after 180 seconds of stalling by the faction with more players in the capture radius
  • Players now have a 60 second grace period after dying which grants them Obelisk's blessing if the point is captured after their death
  • Gloomfury will now de-level faster if fights take too long
  • Increased Gloomfury mitigation performance benchmark from 800 to 850
  • The cost of resetting stat points at the sage has been reduced significantly
  • Added a Sage to faction camps in Faivel

Gloomfury Changes — Update 0.41.5309 — Dec 27, 2021

Series of follow up changes to finalize the 0.40 additions.


  • Warriors can now use Taunt to apply Pierce stacks equal to the Taunt Level to themselves when a world boss is nearby
  • Increased Whirlwind damage


  • Volley is now blocked by terrain and obstacles
  • Lowered Volley damage


  • Gloomfury will now attack all nearby Warriors with an active Pierce debuff for equal melee damage, allowing all Warriors to perform on mitigation
  • Gloomfury's Runedisk abilities now deal true damage (cannot be blocked or reduced by defense, does not trigger mitigation performance)
  • Reduced Gloomfury's Runedisk debuff damage to deal roughly as much true damage as a player with 700 defense would have received before
  • While the current Obelisk is being stalled (capturable but contested) the War Conjurer's summoning interval is prolonged by 10 seconds
  • Added several new Obelisk spawns
  • Obelisks can no longer be stalled by players hiding below them (such as under bridges)
  • Obelisks can no longer be stalled by players below level 40
  • Players fighting for Obelisks will now receive bot support when one faction captured several Obelisks in a row
  • Terrain now properly blocks ranged line of sight (LOS) for targeted spells
  • Reduced Purum dropdates


  • Fixed a bug causing Gloomfury to reset when a warrior used Taunt and died in the same server tick

Gloomfury — Update 0.40.5268 — Dec 11, 2021

This update aims to improve the core gameplay loop for endgame players by adding a PVE boss phase and a PVP obelisk phase on a 1-hour cycle basis. It also adds new spells and the ability to dynamically switch between skills after learning them, adds swimming, an easier early leveling curve, and has massive performance improvements.


  • New skill: Whirlwind - Spins your sword for a short period of time, dealing damage to all targets around you
  • New skill: Enrage - Temporarily increases your damage output
  • New skill: Relentless Cry - Intimidate your enemies, confusing them for a short duration and recovering a percentage of your missing health
  • Crusader's Courage: Now grants all party members 30 defense as well as 2.2 MP/5s reg. per level
  • Armor Reinforcement: Changed Defense per level from 40+Level*20 to Level*40
  • Bulwark: No longer increases your damage over time. Instead it heals you (inheriting the functionality of Colossal Reconstruction)
  • Colossal Reconstruction: Removed
  • Charge: Improved mechanics, no longer stops you from moving once you have arrived at the targets position
  • Taunt: No longer incapacitates targets (functionality moved to Relentless Cry)
  • Tempering: Now also works with Transform (Agonize) and Root (Chilling Radiance) effects


  • New skill: Frostcall - Channel a freezing storm over a targeted area, dealing damage to all targets in a radius
  • New skill: Shatterfrost - Hurls a heavy fragment of frost at your target for massive amounts of damage. Deals extra damage to targets frozen by Ice Bolt
  • New skill: Ice Block - summons a protective ice block, preventing all damage to you and recovering a percentage of your health over a short duration
  • Ice Bolt: The bonus damage buff to Icicle Orb and Shatterfrost now increases from 10% to 50% per Ice Bolt Level
  • Hypothermic Frenzy: Increased damage boost per level from 7% to 8%


  • New skill: Volley - Rapidly shoots arrows at all targets in front of you
  • New skill: Vampiric Arrow - Interrupts active casting on your enemy and heals you as it returns, increased if it interrupted successfully
  • New skill: Blinding Shot - Blinds the target, impairing its movement and casting for a short duration
  • New skill: Bone Shot - Fire a heavy femur bone at your target for massive damage. Deals 50% extra damage to targets below 50% health
  • Cranial Punctures: Lowered Critical from 4% to 3% per level
  • Serpent Arrows: Fixed a bug resulting in Serpent Arrows spreading to PvP protected targets


  • New skill: Mimir's Cleanse - Removes negative effects from a friendly target and heals it based amount of removed effects
  • Soul Harvest: Now refreshes the duration of decay on all active targets affected by Soul Harvest
  • Mimir's Well: Now ticks once per second rather than twice per second, but overall recovers ~25% more MP in the same time
  • Plaguespreader: Now lasts 7 seconds instead of 5 seconds. No longer jumps to PvP protected targets
  • Revitalize: Improved Mend Healing increase per Revitalize stack from 25% to 30%, lowered mana cost by 30%
  • Mend: Increased Healing output by ~40%
  • Summon: No longer costs a skill point


  • Added Gloomfury, a world boss spawning in Faivel, scaling dynamically in power as the community progresses
  • Added Obelisks, PVP objectives spawning in Faivel. Capturing them rewards fame, medals and one stack of Blessing of the Obelisk
  • Added Blessing of the Obelisk, increases amount of dropped items when killing Gloomfury and lasts for two hours
  • Added ability to change your skills on demand, allowing to relearn skills which have been previously unlearned
  • Added swimming, water physics and effects
  • Added War Conjurers, summoning players to Obelisks when they are active
  • AoE group buffs are now shared with friendly targets up to a spell-based limit (prioritizing party targets)
  • Reworked most spell and mount visuals
  • Lowered the health and attack damage of most monsters, especially below level 35
  • Mages, Archers and Shamans now have one additional Skill point (the same amount Warriors have always had)
  • Lowered droprate of books by ~40% as players no longer have to use them for reskilling

User Interface

  • Added a Boss Kill Log page, allowing players to view detailed information about player performance during boss kills (/pve)
  • Added /bosslog chat command, immediately opening the most recent boss kill log in a new window
  • Added a time display when receiving a summon by a shaman, showing you how much time remains to accept the summon / how much longer you are in combat
  • Added ability to see specific spell damage by clicking on players in the in-game DPS meter
  • Added setting: Ability to specifically enable / disable friendly, monster and enemy HP bars / names
  • Added setting: Prevent floating combat text from overlapping
  • Added a list of all skills for the chosen class when creating a character
  • Added many more combinations to the random name generator
  • Your name is now highlighted in the War Panel


  • Improved game loading times
  • Improved rendering performance of all creatures
  • Improved performance of effects, sounds, terrain and particles
  • Added setting: visual 'Bloom' effect, removed SSAO
  • Added setting: disable removing of off-screen creatures, allowing sounds and animations to play which might have on-screen effects (so far this has always been active, and will remain default)


  • Fixed a bug resulting in server sided lag when large groups of players died at the same time in PVP
  • Fixed bug showing players which are in your party, or yourself, as non-party members
  • Fixed bug allowing items to be picked up while dead