Enter the Battlefield!

Find your clan, survive large scale open world PVP and arenas, hunt down bosses and fight your way to the top in this group oriented MMORPG.

Hordes.io is a free to play 3D Multiplayer Browsergame in Open Beta.

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Patch 0.26.3175 — Dec 7, 2019


  • Added a new premium item to the trader: Mysterious Saddle Chest
  • Added 12 rare and epic mounts which can be obtained through the Myserious Saddle Chest
  • Added 2-3 new and unique background soundtracks to each world
  • Added new sounds that are played when players find rare and epic items
  • Raised the bitrate of all sound effects
  • Added Hordes Points display to the inventory
  • Usable items now show a more detailed context menu option when right-clicked
  • Fixed bug allowing players to walk outside of the safety zone during countdown in arena

Patch 0.26.3141 — Dec 2, 2019


  • Added a party finder
  • Added faction chats
  • Added chat channel filter buttons
  • Added ability to see which queues your group is enlisted for
  • Added messages for all party members when you enter or leave a queue
  • Added helper page for WebGL2 errors
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed a bug regarding party roles
  • Fixed a bug causing players on mounts to be invisible

Patch 0.26.3103 — Nov 26, 2019


  • Precise Shot: Increased damage by ~10%-15%
  • Fixed a bug causing Serpent Arrows to not properly jump between targets


  • Summons can no longer be accepted while in combat


  • Monsters no longer drop items above the player max level, to ensure usability of high-end gear drops from bosses
  • Increased the distance at which players can interact with NPCS from 3m -> 5m
  • Fixed a bug causing chat to send messages several times
  • Fixed a merchant related crash, improved merchant table style

Patch 0.26.3093 — Nov 24, 2019


  • Spirit Animal: Increased mana cost by ~50%
  • Decay: Reduced mana cost by ~25%
  • Mend: Raised base mana cost by 4 MP
  • Revitalize: Reduced cast time from 2s -> 1.8s, reduced mana cost by ~20%
  • Healing Totem: Raised cast time from 2s -> 2.3s
  • Mimirs Well: Only lasts 60s -> 15s. Now generates mana two times per second, increased generated amount by ~800%
  • Agonize: Raised cast time from 2s -> 2.3s. Reduced active time by 10%-30%


  • Added number display for incoming damage / healing / MP received by you
  • Added casting bars to the HUD showing you when players around you are casting
  • You can now change targets while casting without interrupting your cast
  • Healing someone who is in combat will now force you into combat for the same duration
  • Increased the amount of HP rewarded by chest armor by ~100%
  • Increased the amount of HP rewarded by rings by ~30%
  • Inceased the amount of MP and MP reg./5 rewarded by amulets by ~40%
  • Wisom no longer grants MP reg./5, instead it now grants Max MP
  • Improved main menu page
  • Improved colors of the HUD, text readability
  • Sudden death timer in arena now starts 10 seconds later
  • Arena auto regen will now stop 10 seconds before the start of the fight
  • Fixed a bug causing party members to be displayed as enemies on the map