12 Jan 2017

Alpha 17: Item update

The item update (Alpha 17) and server wipe will be rolled out on January 12

Lo and behold, for thy item update has arrived. Monsters have started dropping only the dankest of items recently. The travelers say that many of them are coming straight from the blackforge, a place once home to the famous blacksmith Kaerbi.

Shiny loot
  • Over 150 items added, including: swords, bows, staffs, hammers as well as various types of armors, jewellery, and class specific off-hand items like shields and quivers! (*phew*)
  • Monsters will drop gold and items with randomized stats according to their level
  • Items can be picked off of the ground via left click. Make sure you are near enough!

The item update is by far the biggest addition to hordes so far! This is why we want to take it slow with the update and will be rolling out more advanced features over time. Things might also go terribly wrong! Unfortunately we can't guarantee that things will be going sooper smooth, so there may be character wipes over the next week.

Character Panel

Mysterious stat values are a thing of the past! You'll be able to check on all your character stats in the character panel (open with C, and remember, you can rebind all hotkeys via /rebind). The character panel also contains all the item slots!


Once picked up, you can find all that sick loot in your inventory (which can be opened by pressing B, by the way.) Should your body be ready - by meeting all the requirements to wear an item - then you can equip it by right clicking or dragging it into the appropriate slot.

The Trader NPC

The trader is a new NPC and can be found at every spawn. If your inventory is overflowing with loot, this is the man to show your junk to (nobody else. please.)

New character stats

We have added a few new character values, to give our new friends a way to shine. In other words, classes now can be more diverse. We've also added mana. Yep. Don't worry though, the world isn't ending yet. We will be adjusting the values slowly, to make sure that people don't feel mana starved.

Start the min-maxing
  • Defense reduces the incoming damage by a fixed percentage, allows tanky classes to stay stronk
  • Critical hits will allow glass-cannony classes to have a chance to burst through heavy healers
  • Mana is consumed by casting skills and allows pros to outplay in long sustain fights


Gold rewards on kill

With the addition of items, a players gold becomes an important trading currency (*cough* once we add trading *cough*). We felt like fame should be the major gain in PVP, and toning down the amount of gold stolen should make people feel more happy to save up.

  • Attacker: 10%5% gold stolen on kill
  • Victim: 20%7.5% gold lost on death
  • Monsters now drop gold onto the ground instead of automatically rewarding it


Up until Alpha 16, player progression in Hordes.io was all about leveling up skills. We wanted to give players the freedom of pushing the limits for gold and keep on pumping up those skill levels. It was a fun ride, but more often than not, this resulted in close to imbalance-able pvp situations. With the item update bringing a new form of player progression, we've decided to bring an end to level 45 piercing arrows breaking our hearts.

Too damn high
  • Higher level skills now have a minimum required level

User interface

We found that the Skill bar could use some love, so we added some slick functionality. Also, with mana being added to the game, skills might be unusable when you're out of mana. So you kinda gotta know.

Skillbar OP
  • Skill icons will now turn blue when target is out of range for the skill
  • Skills will indicate when they cannot be used for other reasons (out of MP, or invalid target faction)

The System bar received some love by our UI artist Scarebear. We've also moved the ingame help menu ( F1 ) into the system bar.

Next level system bars
  • New shiny icons all over the UI
  • Help menu in the system bar
  • Some polishing on the UI menus

Combat text

Up until now, combat text was always visible - damage done for and by everyone. This not only generated a lot of networking traffic, but also slowed down older machines significantly. With items now adding more noise to the screen, We decided to make some room on the battlefield.

  • Combat numbers will now only show for damage and healing done by or to you



As you know, Hordes.io is still an alpha in active development. Bugs pop up left and right, and they might even ruin a major part of the player experience (as we have seen over the recent week...) We thank you all for your understanding and we have worked as hard as possible on squashing those things.

  • Fixed a bug allowing players to dupe gold
  • Fixed a bug where the casting bar would go mental after a server change
  • Shaman equilibrate now does damage based on the shaman's level, rather than the target level. It also generates aggro for the target and not the shaman.


When we arent making games, we sometimes end up over optimizing things for fun. It's okay if this doesnt make any sense to you. Just know that it makes things run better!

dedowated wam
  • Improved casting bar lag predictions
  • Significantly reduced file size of hordes.io client
  • Improved various parts of the renderer to be more effective