25 Apr

Alpha 20: New Monsters

Welcome to Alpha 20, bringing more monsters and PVP changes! There will be a series of updates bringing even more monster types in the future. Hordes has been in early alpha and most player & monster models have been a placeholder / generic set of models and animations.

Our goal in the future is to slowly increase the variety of models in Hordes and make the world more interesting! The first step is to test how Hordes works with a completely new model (Slimes) and also with a new monster behavior (Ranged monsters).

We have also decided to test a new way of PVP rules. PVP is at the core of Hordes, but it has always been problematic to figure out whats fair for most players. New players might be scared off when they get steamrolled by high level players, but high level players might get bored if they dont find enough players to fight. In the previous iteration, players below level 20 were automatically protected from PVP to allow them to learn about the game before being confronted with other players, but we figured that this might take too long for them to learn about how fun PVP can be. For this reason we decided to introduce a new, dynamic way of PVP engage rules that might be more fair for everyone.

Finally there are changes to the EXP rates. With the new Monsters and PVP changes, gaining EXP will be different. There will be less monster spawns, so we will raise the EXP per monster. Since the PVP rules might make it harder for higher level players (70+) to find targets, we also think its better to allow more casual players to reach higher levels.

Monster additions


Slimes are a new form of monster venturing the lands in Hordes. They can be found in different colors: green (low level), blue (mid level) and red (highest level). They have a lower movement speed than the average monster and player, but they also have a bit more health.

Skeleton archers

Archers are a mutated form of the regular sword based monsters. They can shoot at you, but have a lower range than most classes. They move at regular speed and do regular damage. Since they are more complex in terms of mechanics, we will start by testing them with a relatively low amount of spawn rate.

Monster changes

With the new monster classes, there have come some slight adjustments to monsters overall.

  • Regular monsters (swordies) have a higher base movement speed, so they are harder to kite
  • Monsters are more packed, with the overall amount of monsters reduced, especially in low level areas
  • High level areas are more densely packed (red ground area, 60+ mobs)


EXP Rates

In order to allow everyone to rise to new heights and make the PVP field more even, we have drastically boosted the EXP rates that monsters yield. This should move the average players level higher and allow for more PVP (see PVP changes next).

  • Leveling 1-20: ~4X faster
  • Leveling 20-40: ~3X faster
  • Leveling 40+: ~2X faster

PVP changes

New PVP Ruleset

Previously, players below level 20 were unable to engage in PVP, and hence protected, but also unchallenged. This new change will affect how everyone has to watch their surroundings, especially new players.

Fairer play
  • Above level 20Within 1.8X level range +- 2

This means, a player can fight players up to 1.8X times his level. For example:

  • Lv. 5 Player PVP Range: 1 - 11
  • Lv. 10 Player PVP Range: 5 - 20
  • Lv. 20 Player PVP Range: 10 - 38
  • Lv. 35 Player PVP Range: 19 - 65
  • Lv. 50 Player PVP Range: 22 - 74
  • Lv. 65 Player PVP Range: 35 - 99
  • Lv. 80 Player PVP Range: 44 - 99

We hope that this will allow for PVP encounters to be more healthy and fun for everyone. But we also understand that very high level players (70+) will now fear that they will not be able to find a lot of PVP enemies anymore. While there is truth to that, we also believe that a level 70 player fighting a level 20 player is only fun for one of them. This is why we have boosted the EXP rates. As a result, everyone should have enough players to fight.

Balance changes

We felt like the base movement speed without good boots is a bit low.

Move buff
  • Player base movement speed 78


We have made some performance improvements, mostly by reducing animations of monsters in the distance, and culling some stuff that wasnt necessary. There have been some changes to the shadow map for a cool thing that will be coming in the future.

More fps hopefully
  • Animations of players and monsters in the distance will be updated less regularly
  • Foliage (Grass) generation speed increased significantly
  • Major performance optimizations on the server
  • Switched websocket protocol to UWS


Yay no more chat bug. Please write us if it still happens.

dat chat
  • Fixed chat not scrolling for new messages