08 May

Alpha 21: Player Profiles

Alpha 21 will add a small but neat little feature to Hordes.io - you will be able to visit other players profiles and see their Equipment, Stats, and so on! Share them with your friends to compare your gear, or check out what the best players in Hordes are using! Other useful features include: See their EXP level up status, and the actual in game stats such as Power, Defense, HP, etc!

You can access your Player profile by pressing the "Profile" button on your character panel. Keep in mind that you need to have set a unique name first!

Another way to access Player profiles is by visiting the players page and clicking on a player name.

Update 09 May 2017: Added Skill levels to the player profiles

Website additions

Profile page

  • Added player profile pages
  • Added ability to visit player profiles through the player ladder
  • Added ability to visit your own profile from the character panel