01 Nov

Alpha 22: Bags, Trees & Emotes

Welcome to the Alpha 22 Update Blog post. Alpha 22 will introduce a bunch of smaller features to Hordes, some of which have been heavily requested by the community. Gone are the days of having to sacrifice items in order to complete your collection of Protecterons. We’ve also decided to plant some beautiful trees around the otherwise monster-ridden lands of Hordes. There is one tree in particular that must be remembered!

Item additions


With bags, we are introducing a new item type to Hordes. Bags will allow you to increase the size of your inventory, so you can carry more stuff! They have their own slot in the character panel, and you can simply equip a bag by right clicking or dragging the bag in your bag slot.

Bags have a unique stat, that only they will provide: Extra slots. As soon as you equip a bag, you will see your inventory grow in size, which will allow you to farm much more efficiently and also store more items in the future. Extra slots are added on top of your baseline 21 inventory slots.

Note: Once you have equipped a bag, in order to un-equip it, you need to make sure that the slots which the bag provides are empty - otherwise you’d lose your items. 🤷

all gucci

Added 5 types of bags to the game:

NameMinimum LevelPerfect Slots
Linen Pouch158 extra Slots
Adventurer's Rucksack3116 extra Slots
Purpur Duffel4623 extra Slots
Elven Saddlebag6131 extra Slots
Moss Enigma8241 extra Slots

World additions


For the longest time, the unruly lands of Hordes have consisted mostly of grass plains, rocky roads, and dry deserts. However, we decided to spice it up and planted trees. Crazy people would call that a forest!

We hope to deliver a cozier atmosphere in Hordes and immerse you as a player. During the testing of the new tree models, the community honored the occasion by deciding on a name for the biggest tree on the central mountain of Hordes. This magical tree shall henceforth be known as the Yggdrasil, tree of life. This sacred location will be used for community gatherings, rituals such as the sacrificial offering of botters and jerks to the gods, and dance battles 💃 (more on that coming up soon).

Those trees
  • Throw mad shade
  • Are considered alpha, and in testing
  • Do not yet have collision (maybe never will) and should not have any impact on gameplay

Random additions


A new emote system is coming, and we decided to test it with the first emote!

Using emotes is easy - you can access them by typing in the chat box. Our first emote is /dance. Try it, it’s fun and you’ll quickly find yourself battling it out on the dance floor. There are currently still a few bugs with the emote system, please bear with us while we fix them.

GM Crowns

GMs now have a new crown: The obsidian crown. This will allow you to spot a GM faster.

dek boots are real

We decided to increase the drop rates of offpiece armor types slightly (compared to other item types). This does not affect the levels of dropped items. The level rates have not been touched, promise!

counter inflation

With the increased amount of inventory slots (trippled for high level players), we felt that it was in place to slightly decrease the amount of items dropped.

  • Chance of gold dropping, rather than item, increased by 5%
slime deflation

We have decreased the size of slimes slightly and altered their death animation to be less intrusive.. to the floor. They made it quite hard to see items on the ground, so we decided to change that.

invisible items
  • Fixed a bug with the Ancient Talisman and Infernal Staff missing their artworks.