21 Nov

Alpha 23: Account system

Welcome to the Alpha 23 update blog post. The main additions for Alpha 23 come in preparations for much bigger features planned in Hordes.io soon! They will allow us to set up a better basis for Trading, Warehouse features, and generally make everyone's lives easier.

Website additions

Account & Login system

The biggest addition for Alpha 23 is a complete user account system. From now on, you can play all your characters from a centralized account!

Don’t worry, your old characters are not gone - you can add them to your new account.

Wew dats easy
  • Quickly switch between characters in the game
  • Reset your password in case you forgot it
  • No more forgetting your character IDs
  • No more public accounts


How it works

1. Sign up

To register a new Hordes.io account, visit the sign up page. Fill out the three empty fields:

  1. Username: Enter any desired username into the username field. Your username is not related to your Character names and will generally not be visible to others.
  2. Email: Enter your email address. Make sure that you have access to the email address, so you can recover your password in case you lose it. We will not send you any spam emails or newsletters.
  3. Password: Enter a secure password, we recommend using multiple words, a combination of letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers.

Finally, press the “Sign up” button. If anything goes wrong, you will be presented with on screen instructions.

2. Character management

On the character page, you can see a list of all your currently playable characters. You can also delete them by pressing the little icon. Note that this will permanently delete your character.

3. Playing a character

While logged in, you can simply play any of your characters by visiting the main page and clicking on a character, then pressing play!

You can also switch between characters in the game now by clicking on your character's name in the upper right corner and selecting any other character.

4. Adding old characters to your account

Players from before Alpha 23 might want to add their old characters to their new Hordes.io account. This can easily be done through the character management page. Simply type in your old character ID into the “Claim ID” field, and you are good to go!

5. Resetting forgotten passwords

Did you forget your password on accident? Not a problem anymore. Visit the password reset page and enter your email address.

We will then send you an email to your email address. Open this email in your email account, and click on the link. This link will bring you to the password reset page. On this page, you have to enter your email address again, and choose a new password.

6. Log out

Remember to always log out of your account if you are playing in a public place ( At school, in a Web-Cafe, etc.) There are two ways to log out, through the account manager, or right inside of the game, in the character selection menu.

Ingame additions

Latency display

We have added a little latency display in your game settings menu. This will tell you about your game latency (lag). The lower this number is, the better. Should you be experiencing numbers above 150, you are probably lagging in some ways. This might be related to your location, or using WIFI.


Trader changes

People were sometimes experiencing a bug with the trader, causing you to sell your items even if the trader window was already closed. We chose to change the trader interaction. He also got a slight hp regeneration nerf, so he might actually be killable!

  • You now have to physically walk away from the vendor to leave selling mode.
  • Nerfed trader hp regen drastically

Server restart changes

We improved server performance and fixed memory leaks, so we chose to increase the intervals of automatic server restarts to 400 minutes.

sit down
  • Speedhacking should be mostly fixed for now, or at least drastically improved. If you see people running around way too fast though, feel free to join the discord server and leave a report.
be humble
  • We fixed(?) the warrior speed glitch. Probably. Don’t quote us on it.
inventory weirdness
  • Fixed a bug where you would see items of the character you were previously logged into in your inventory.

better reconnects
  • Improved client’s ability to reconnect to servers after automatic server restarts. This also allows us to apply client side patches without you noticing for the most part.
faster load times
  • Reduced the overall client side of hordes by about 30% (1.1mb -> 780kb), helping with the loading times.
smaller files and textures
  • Drastically reduced the size of many texture and 3d model files, for even faster load times.
forget me not
  • Fixed several drastic memory leaks on the Hordes.io game server logic.