30 Nov

Alpha 24: PVP changes

With Alpha 24 we introduce a series of changes with the intent of bringing back a fame system that is both fun and exciting for people who like PVP, but also not too harsh on people that just want to play in peace.

Game changes

Fame system modifications

The fame system has always been a core part of Hordes. Killing other players to steal their fame points. At certain levels of Fame, you will be rewarded with different types of headgear (Helmets, Crowns) of different styles. Fame itself has no actual impact on gameplay mechanics, so its almost entirely an honor and glory type deal.

In the early days of Hordes.io, fame was a very volatile number. Stealing fame was based on percentages. Killing someone used to steal 15% of their fame and you were able to kill anyone, without level restrictions. For most people, this was exciting. Having a lot of fame meant that you have to be careful because everyone is out to hunt you.

At some point, we decided to change the fame system to a linear system. Kill someone and receive 10 fame, while they lose 15. The intent here was to make deaths less frustrating, and to limit people from excessively hunting each other down.

Unfortunately the linear system, while being more relaxed, was also pretty boring. There is no thrill in acquiring large amounts of fame, and holding a golden crown is no challenge. That's why we decided to change it up again and bring back a tame version of the old system, with some limitations, and also a way to opt out of PVP completely.

Let it be known
  • Global PVP messages are back
  • Whenever someone murders someone for over 100 fame, a global kill message is displayed to everyone
the hunt is on
  • Attacker: 10 Fame gained 10 + 1.0% fame gained
  • Victim: 15 Fame lost 15 + 1.1% fame lost
  • Limit: 2000 fame stolen

PVE & PVP servers

With the additions of a more "relentless" fame system, we realize that there will be some players feeling uncomfortable with it. The pressure of moving around the map alone is now higher because you are at risk of losing much more of your hard-earned fame than you used to.

While ultimately PVP is a core part of Hordes.io, we decided that it is time to allow people to opt out of PVP if they simply feel like playing in peace. However, making this choice should come with downsides, and choosing the risky way (PVP) should have certain advantages. In order to achieve this, we now have different server types.

Alpheos PVE Server
  • PVE stands for "Player versus Environment", and has always been a term representing a peaceful gameplay where players don't actively fight each other. On the PVE servers, you cannot kill other players.
PVP Server
  • PVP stands for "Player versus Player". It means you can kill other players. Like always.

In order to make PVP servers slightly more competitive, we decided to set only one server to PVE and 3 servers to PVP. This means that the PVE server will usually be really full, while the PVP servers will be rather empty compared to PVE. The incentive here is that on PVP servers you will have an easier time farming, while the PVE servers offer more safety. Pick one!

Technical stuff
More secure
  • Hordes is now entirely secured with SSL. Https everything.