Clan Ladder

Players can form a clan in hordes! Join other clans, find friends and level up together.

RankTag NameMembersFame
16TROVThe Rise of Vanguard32548,157
17TVICThe Victors189541,716
18BLEBloodlust Elites14538,103
19EI3The 25th Night Reborn125533,354
20VanVanguard Van47419,621
21GODGod of Hordes31405,077
23SpamGreen Eggs and Spam199365,142
24SRKSkyreach Knights176348,985
25G M Game Managers63345,259
26I^IThe ChaIIengers228332,205
27AIMAwe Inspiring Marauders 234310,407
28OLDEThe Ancient Gods59302,959
29MD mordy50299,578